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Chief’s Totem


The Chief’s Totem disposable is easy to use, satisfying and it’s small and compact enough to fit in your pocket. Each disposable comes pre-filled with 2ml of premium e-liquid that tastes amazing! A 500 MAH battery will keep you going all day delivering approximately 600 puffs.


 Energy Ice

Energy Totem is ready to jump start and revitalise your tastebuds with a delicious, tangy blend. A strong energising taste, The Energy totem delivers a blend of rich fruit flavours, reminiscent of your favourite energy drinks.

Mango Ice

A tropical sensation that is jam-packed with ripe mango and a cool ice finish. Consistent flavours of Mango to bring your tastebuds alive for a truly delicious experience. The sweet and smooth mango meets your expectations, before leaving an ice cold finish.


Blue Raspberry Ice

Blue Raspberry is the Totem packed with a Sweet, tangy flavour to satisfy your taste buds! The mixture of Ice blue slushy with a burst of refreshment. The Blue Raspberry flavouring makes it a fantastic flavour, combined with a touch of ice.

Lush Ice

The Lush Ice totem is a fruity one! We have paired mouth-watering cantaloupe melon with sweet citrus notes from the lychee, for a sweet but pleasurable taste. All rounded off with the lychee’s silky rose aftertaste and a wisp of ice, giving it a summer sorbet feel.


Watermelon Ice

Packed with a skilfully blended sweet, mouth-watering indulgence. A relaxing and refreshing serving of freshly cut watermelon. Letting the summer vibes hit your taste buds, this Totem delivers blended layers of sweet, juicy watermelon.


Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberries packed with real juices blended down keeping all that refreshing flavour. This totem tastes like taking a bite from a freshly picked strawberry with a cool and smooth ice cream finish to recreate a classic dessert.


Pink Lemonade

A classic refreshing summer drink now compacted into a totem. Using the zesty lemonade as a base and adding a mixture of summer berries to make you reminisce the good summer times.


Mix Berries

A lover of summer fruits? This totem comes packed with a cheeky combination of red, black and blueberries squeezed together, you will be sure to enjoy the expected tang as well as the surprising sweetness.


Peach Ice

Everybody loves a good juicy peach. Capturing delicate notes of peach with juicy fruit in a refreshing blend fused with ice to satisfy your taste buds and leave a cool icy finish.



Like popping open a can! If you are a fan of fizzy cola bottles this is the totem for you. The same yet new taste that infuses your tastebuds with flavour that is as great as the real thing.